By Melissa Wynn

photos by Melissa Wynn

[media-credit id=4 align=”alignnone” width=”300″]Cobalt kitchen critters[/media-credit]Cobalt blue glass has been used in home decor since the time of the pharaohs and continues to stand the test of time. Cobalt is an element. Cobalt salts have long been mixed with glass during production to give it the rich signature deep blue color. Long time Westwood resident Gail Brown,  has an amazing collection that took her late husband Craig Brown thirty years to build.

Craig’s work in aircraft mechanics took him all over the country and he loved to bring home a new  piece from each destination whenever possible. There is a map that hangs on a bedroom wall with a pin in each place that he visited. He and his sons would poke a pin in the map each time he left so the boys always knew where he would be. It was by chance that the map also shows where most of his cobalt glass was acquired.

Cobalt blue glass pieces can be found in nearly every room of Gail’s home, with the main body of her collection being in her lovely kitchen.  The large window above the kitchen sink shimmers with deep sea blue light, as the hanging glass filters sunlight into the room.  Several animal figures including a rooster, butterfly, kitten and turtle call the windowsill home and just glow with life in the morning sun. A rolling pin,  2 pitchers,  a hand bell and several canisters along with more cobalt glass line the three shelves on the opposite wall. Two full place settings accented by two tall candlesticks, salt and pepper shakers, butter dish and a lovely vase on the kitchen table keep the cobalt flowing through the kitchen like an indigo dream.

As I wandered through Gail’s home, there was a new cobalt treasure every where I turned. The variety of shapes and sizes is unbelievable. Gail even has a hand size antique butter churn with the cow stamp on the bottom. I think my favorites are the two life size heads that Gail and Craig called the ‘talking heads’. That is unless one came home to find the two gorgeous bald beauties back to back, in which case they were the NOT talking heads. Too funny. Gail’s favorite piece is a tiny Hershey Kiss, complete with the swirl on top, but she is also partial to the several cobalt glass slippers that Cinderella would have been proud to sport to the ball.

Whether its candy dishes shaped like dancing dolls or hanging grapes or a giant ball you can find it in spectacular cobalt blue glass at the Brown home. Thank you Gail for sharing your stunning collection!

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