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By Eileen Majors

While searching out some of our BEST ROAD TRIPS for this edition, we were taken back to Truckee, CA for more good times remembered on the Mountain Valley Living adventures. Turns out good things happen when you revisit the past.

My friend and I strolled into downtown Truckee long after Melissa Wynn’s s story about her stay here had been published.  Thanks to Melissa’s  prior work, we were welcomed back with great favor. We grandly enjoyed our stay in downtown Truckee.   I spoke with Tim, owner of the Truckee Hotel, from the lobby of this quaint downtown establishment.  It was like talking to an old friend on the phone. We ventured out for dinner at Casa Baez.  Once again we were treated like old friends, as the host explained to us how he just read our magazine last week.

The Truckee Hotel has a variety of rooms available. Rooms include both European style and those with full bath facilities. We liked being right downtown where we could walk to shops and dinner. The hotel is adorned with quaint antiques and has some fabulous paintings of Truckee in the lobbies you may wish to check out. We were comfy and warm with TV, internet and fabulous views of the mountains and downtown district. We enjoyed a magnificent dinner at Pacific Crest across the street from our hotel. We enjoyed the mountain views and seeing passengers get off the train right in downtown Truckee.

While we were venturing about, looking around for a story, we happened by chance to meet Angele Thibodeau of Truckee. She works in one of the local shops. Angele is a painter whose work is displayed locally. She is also a singer who performs in the area. As we got to talking, she shared her love for writing and soon we had a meeting planned for the next day. We are now happy to have Angele on staff as a journalist and advertising representative for Mountain Valley Living serving the Truckee area. As we said, good things happen sometimes when you revisit the past. We hope you enjoy reading about all of our road trips at