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Winter is waning and spring is around the corner.  March is a great month for mountain dwellers to plan a non-toxic gardening strategy.  There are many home remedy tricks for pest prevention and plant protection.  Most likely you already have these problem-solving products in your home. Any that you do not have are easily and economically obtainable. Listed below are a few ingredients you may want to try:

INSECT REPELLENTS: Diatomaceous Earth ~ Cucumber Peels ~ Dryer Sheets ~ Garlic ~ Cayenne Pepper ~ Bone Meal ~ Talcum Powder ~ Spearmint ~ Peppermint ~ Nutra Sweet ~ Lavender ~ Dry Mustard ~ Ground Black Pepper

PLANT TONICS: Aspirin ~ Beer ~ Oatmeal ~ Chamomile Tea ~ Sugar ~ Flour ~ Egg Shells ~ Banana Peels ~ Powdered Milk ~ Mouthwash ~ Baking Soda  ~ Corn Syrup ~ Apple Juice

WEED KILLERS: Vinegar ~ Rock Salt ~ Liquid Dish Detergent ~ Boiling Water ~ Lemon Juice ~ Corn Gluten Meal ~ Bleach ~ Rubbing Alcohol ~ Newspaper ~ Cabbage Leaves ~ Mulch ~ Canola Oil ~ Murphy’s Oil Soap

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