Diabetes: Early Detection Reduces Complications

Diabetes Concept Glucometer And Healthy Food

26 million people in the United States have diabetes.   Another 67 million Americans are estimated to have pre-diabetes, a condition which may not have any obvious symptoms.   Many people in our community are suffering the effects of high blood sugar and do not know it.  Symptoms usually come on gradually so they are not immediately noticed.  Early diagnosis is important.  With lower blood sugar achieved early on, less damage occurs throughout the course of diabetes.

Elevated blood sugar increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.  It damages nerves in hands and feet causing loss of feeling which can lead to infection and poor healing, leading to amputations.  High blood sugar also causes damage to kidneys, digestive system and eyes.   It increases the risk of sexual dysfunction in men and women.   It also increases the risk of depression, yeast infection and causes very dry skin.  Contact your doctor immediately if you notice any combination of these common symptoms of  high blood sugar; lack of energy and feeling extremely tired especially after meals, falling asleep after eating, vision blurriness that comes and goes, extreme thirst, waking  often at night to urinate, craving sweets and starchy foods or having repeated yeast infections.  Having an immediate family member with diabetes increases your risk.  If you are experiencing these symptoms see your doctor immediately.   Be sure to have your annual check-up with lab work. This may be the only way to detect a problem when it first starts.  Pre-diabetes detected early enough can be reversed or at the very least, complications can be avoided with good blood sugar management.

For more information contact Health Educator, Debbie Jones at Northeastern Health Center at 1850 Spring Ridge Dr. in Susanville.  Appointments available by calling 251-5000 Ext. 223.  Free monthly diabetes classes are held the 3rd Tuesday 2:00-4:00pm. Everyone is welcome.