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By ~ Angele Thibodeau

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task.  Location is everything, there are so many requirements to finding the perfect place.  If it is an outdoor location you want it to be accessible for all members of the family.  Nearby facilities are a must, and it needs to be an enchanting place that can mirror the beauty of the love you are vowing to one another.  Truckee has many beautiful locations that can make a marriage unforgettable.

A Donner Lake beach wedding has all of these attributes.  The atmosphere under the towering pines by the turquoise water is very peaceful.  The children run around playing in the grass, an Eagle swoops down to catch a fish from the water and sometimes you can even hear a distant train whistle.  Donner Lake is captivating.   There are plenty of surrounding Inns and Hotels to accommodate whatever number of guests you may have.  Truckee Donner Lodge, Lost Trail Lodge, Truckee Hotel and Donner Lake Village resort, just to name a few.  Truckee also offers weddings on mountain tops or down by the Truckee River.  Sugar Bowl, perched on top of Donner Summit, offers beautiful wedding locations with distant views.  A convenience of having your wedding at Sugar Bowl is that you can reserve the entire resort for a private wedding.  Just in Sugar Bowl alone, you have valleys, meadows, mountain tops, forests, gondola rides and always a breathtaking sunset.  The town of Truckee itself provides quality restaurants, music, hair salons and fantastic gift shops for anything else you may need.  The rich, colorful history and variety of events makes for plenty of fun activities to keep all of your guests entertained.  The charm of Truckee combined with the grand magnificence of the Sierra Nevadas sets the stage for a wedding to be remembered through a future of wedded bliss.

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Donner Lake Village Resort  (800) 979-0402