Valentines and Weddings are just some things that come to mind during the month of February. It is that one time of year designated to feeling the love in the air. Of course, it is always there surrounding us in many forms. I think we just notice it more on valentines day because we are putting it out there more.

It is almost like getting a valentine when a 3rd grade art project is proudly made and delivered to a busy mom who takes time out from making dinner to rave and enjoy it. So happens since it is the day of love, that mom just happens to be making a fried chicken dinner with mashed potatoes (pain that it is), just because it is her husband’s favorite. And while she’s busy  doing nice stuff like that, on this grand holiday of love, her husband stops to pick them each up a special treat. It is a vicious cycle, that love. If only we concentrated on it THAT much EVERY day.

Join us in February and March as we celebrate the season of love. Stop by our booth during the Premier Bride Showcase on March 20 at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. We will showcase WEDDINGS IN THE MOUNTAINS.

We will also be taking our March edition BEST MOUNTAIN ROAD TRIPS & WEDDING SPOTS to both the Anderson, CA Sports & Recreation Show and the ‘Reno Outdoor Sports and Recreation Expo March 25 -27 at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. Stop by our booth. If you are an advertiser, we are representing YOU at the shows. You can still get your ad in. Hurry though, before our March edition goes to press!

Happy Valentines Day!