by Jan Cox

When asked by the author to describe her life, Susan Mueller responded, “God, family, friends and photography…that is my life in a nutshell.  Fifteen years ago she began what is now called Dyer Mountain Photography, which became a co-owned business with her husband Merrill.

Susan loves the challenge of all types of photography, but especially “people pictures,” specializing in family shots, newborns, high school senior photos, school pictures, proms, reunions, graduation and particularly wedding photography. And she notes that she will travel for weddings.

However, in art shows throughout this area you will find her other love– scenic and wildlife shots. She has a passion for the unusual and wildlife photography feeds that passion.  She tells of two cinnamon teal fighting over a particular female who were just too busy to notice her only 6 feet away; or a huge, 450 lb cinnamon black bear that walked toward her staring into her eyes; and the time she came in contact with a 4-5 ft. badger which she mistook at first for a bear.  She also has a photograph of the extremely rare Blue Phase Ross Goose from the Chico area.

Mueller was born in southern California, but moved to Westwood when she was only 6 years old.  Presently living at Lake Almanor, she says she never left this area because she loves it; the small, hometown feeling, her church and the family members that still reside here.  She has a daughter, Michelle, a son, Mike and one granddaughter, Alyssa, along with 4 step-children and 8 grandchildren on her husband’s side of the family.

Her advice to other photographers is to “just get out there and shoot!”  Susan does so, mostly with her Nikon cameras; her newest being the D7000, 16.2 megapixels.  They also use both a Sony High Def 5.1 Dolby sound video camera and a Nikon 18/200 lens for weddings.  She also enjoys using her Adobe CS5 for “people pictures” which allows her to provide several variations of the original prints such as black and white, lighting and cropping changes, and sepia prints.

Mueller has published 3 hardcover books, one of which can be found in Dr. Ware’s office in Chester.  Her work can be seen at Blue Goose Gallery in Chester, Vagabond Inn at Carmel, CA, Lake Haven Resort, Main Street Fireside, and Prudential Real Estate Office in Chester or you may call her at the studio at (530) 259-5814 for a private showing.  Her work can also be viewed on their website at