Group of young people with clothes donation gesturing thumbs up








I witnessed a couple of really cool events again this week, the kind that leave you wondering. Always having been a believer of the words “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap,”  I count it quite lucky to see someone sowing something cool. That’s what happened today, more than once, thus more than cool.

Our designer Teresa and I were in a local retail store when we spotted a gentleman buying several sets of matching outfits: our wild imaginations just knew they were for quadruplets! We couldn’t resist; we hollered across to the man, ” How many babies are you buying for?” He quietly murmured, “We just buy for ones that don’t have,” as he quickly scurried his tall stack of clothing to the counter for check out. He seemed perhaps embarrassed by the notable crowd who now knew of his good deed. I, however got to see that goodwill spread. Within minutes, as if his generosity had been contagious, I saw one of the others who had been in the listening crowd slip much-needed money to a man with terribly torn shoes. I began to reflect on all the good I had seen in this one day.

Earlier, taking kids to school, I watched as parents and kids rummaged onto school grounds; the bell rang. Soon I saw a couple dart up and open the doors for one youngster who was obviously late.  Knowing the couple, I teasingly offered, “Oh, late to school today, huh?” “No, that was our neighbor kid we found running to school,” the man said. “He said he forgot to set his alarm; his parents don’t even wake him up or feed him breakfast.”  This caring young couple now knew the needs of their neighbor child.  Just a few minutes earlier that morning I had watched a young mom send off her two young kids to school with hugs and a reminder, “Now remember, if you can help somebody, help them and if your teacher needs help, help her.” I got to thinking, what if everyone started the day thinking like that? I imagined further, “what if every good deed done really is a good deed spread?” Perhaps it is. As we kick off the season of holidays and the season of need for many, may the good deeds spread!

God Bless,