Biologists are working with the Yurok tribe, which has lived along the Klamath River for centuries. They are studying ways to reintroduce the California Condor to Northern California, where they haven’t been seen for decades. According to US Fish & Wildlife Service, in March of 2008 a grant was awarded to the Yurok Tribe of the Klamath River Reserve in northern California for $200,000 to study the feasibility of reintroducing California condors to the Yurok Ancestral Territory.

According to an article published August 20, 2010 at, the tribe continues to pursue their plans to reintroduce California condors to an area near the Klammath River, where they once played a major role in the tribe’s traditions. The tribe still honors the giant bird in ceremonies.

The condor is listed as an endangered species by both Federal and State agencies.  California condors are known as the largest flying bird in North America and are scavengers. They that primarily feed on large dead mammals such as deer, cattle, bighorn sheep and horses. Wingspans are huge, as large as 9-1/2 feet. A

[/media-credit] CA condor, courtesy US Fish & Wildlife Service by David Clendenen

dult birds can weigh in at up to 25 pounds.

Sources: US Fish & Wildlife Service, Fransisco Chronicle August 20, 2010|By Peter Fimrite, Chronicle Staff Writer, Read more: