By Melissa Wynn

Walley's Mtn View

[/media-credit] Walley’s Mtn View

In the sprawling, green Carson Valley surrounded by the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains I found a getaway designed purely for relaxation and stress relief. My brother Cody and I had spent a busy day in Carson City  and decided to treat ourselves to a night at  David Walley’s Hot Springs Resort and Spa just twenty minutes south on US Hwy 395 near Genoa. The sun was sinking as we pulled into the huge complex that boasts 211 timeshare and nightly rental units, professionally managed by Trading Places International. The towering mountains in the distance were bathed in golden light and a vague half moon hung lazily in the cloudless azure sky. Several small cabins replicated from the pioneer days stand opposite the Spa and the original stone, vine covered bathhouse like an old western movie set. Today’s six spring-fed hot tubs and 80 degree swimming pool are at the end of a long history that began in 1862 when David Walley first discovered these steaming gifts of nature. The original stone pool is right where David and wife Harriet built it all those years ago. Although no longer in operation, these relics made me wonder what it must have been like to be the first to soak in that tiny tub amid those sweeping panoramic views of the emerald Carson Valley. I’m sure a natural hot bath in those days must have been a discovery second only to gold. After exploring the historic side of David Walley’s Hot Springs Resort, Cody and I strolled the beautifully manicured grounds in search of the check-in desk. We wandered over the waterfall bridge and past several more buildings before finding cheerful Desiree Jones behind the desk in the main lobby waiting to check us in. The minute I entered our one bedroom suite I was again impressed with the beautiful views. We spent a long while on the balcony enjoying the flowers and the turtle pond near the covered picnic area below. The Spa and soaking area close for the night at 9:30 so we had to drag ourselves inside to get ready. Once I took a minute to really look around I realized that if I wished I could have a full self serve pampering right in my suite. The king bedroom was complete with TV, desk and built-in sauna. DVD player, stereo, huge TV and pull-out sofa left Cody good to go in the living room with the full kitchen steps away. Subdued sandy walls and a leafy motif gave the suite a muted quiet feeling but the gem of our unit was the bathroom. That’s right, the bathroom. Not only did it have a huge closet and vanity, the tub/shower was like nothing I had ever seen. The jacuzzi tub had jets and bubbles in several speeds. Nice.  10 different spraying heads in the shower made it more like the human version of the automatic car wash. Oh yeah. As if that weren’t enough this amazing bath also had 4 speakers of surround sound and a television built into the shower walls. Why were we going down to the hot spring tubs? Actually I was glad we did because the pool was great at the end of a long hot day and there is little more therapeutic than a soak in a steaming hot springs. Maybe a Swedish Massage, Salt Scrub or Power Recovery Wrap at the full service spa. A soak in the springs is complimentary to all Spa visitors be they day visitors or overnight guests. All owners and overnight guests are free to use the soothing facilities at anytime during business hours. We soaked beneath the stars until the very last minute before returning to our lovely suite to slip easily off to dreamland. David Walley’s Hot Springs Resort and Spa was a blast and is definitely a see-to-appreciate kind of place. They are open year ’round but do not provide soap, coffee or other incidentals, so remember to pack your whatnots. Reservations can be made and current rates are available by phone at 1-800-368-0216 or online at Go to Walley’s and pamper yourself—life is short!