Osprey Overlook Trail Re-Opens

Mural’s Facelift Complete

Susanville, CA – Nearly a month after its closure, the Eagle Lake Ranger District on the Lassen National Forest has re-opened the Osprey Overlook Trail to visitors.  The area had been closed to ensure the safety of both the public and the contractor during restoration of the water tank mural.  Scaffolding platforms had been in place that enabled local artist Janet Fraser Dickman to reach the tank and complete the restoration of the ten-year-old mural.  Additionally, because the paint Fraser Dickman used dries quickly, it was imperative that she not be interrupted during the work.

Fraser Dickman used 190 custom-mixed colors to restore the Osprey Overlook water tank mural.  She enjoys creating public art and says she got “carried away” with this mural.  “This is kind of my Sistine Chapel,” Fraser Dickman admits, but she also points out that because of the water issues and the sweating concrete of the tank, it’s the trickiest mural she’s worked on.  Murals require regular maintenance as they weather due to exposure to elements such as wind, sun and moisture.

Funds for this project are courtesy of the Lassen County Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) via Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000.  Funds from this Act benefit resources on national forest lands or private lands adjacent to national forests.  If you have any questions about this project, please contact Resource Officer Julia Everta at (530) 257-4188.