By Melissa Wynn –

Summer fun around Susanville means hiking the miles of scenic nearby trails. Susanville Ranch Park is a local favorite offering 22 miles of non-motorized, multi-use trails with spectacular meadow and valley views. The park’s southern portion winds around the meadows and up Paiute Creek Canyon on a gentle grade with a more challenging climb on Coyote Bluff. Wide open spaces and 2 creeks make this a great choice for families with children and pets. More experienced hikers seem to prefer the 14 miles of  many loop options, challenging climbs and back turns of the northern section. Susanville Ranch Park is an awesome hiking, biking and horseback riding choice for all ages.

If you prefer a shadier hike through the woods, then The Bizz Johnson Trail is for you. Following the old Fernley and Lassen Branch Line of the Southern Pacific Railroad, the trail winds 25.4 miles from Susanville to Mason Station. For the first 16 miles, the trail follows the Susan River. As it winds through the rugged Susan River Canyon, the trail crosses the river 12 times on bridges and trestles and passes through two tunnels. The landscape is a combination of semi-arid canyon and stunning upland forests.  The”Bizz” then follows existing roads an additional 4.5 miles into Westwood, a truly beautiful mountain stroll all are invited to enjoy. Come join us on these fun, scenic hikes of Susanville.

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