by Jeanne Brovelli, Interior Re-designer
La Casa Bella Fine Furnishings

According to the ancient practice of Feng Shui, our home tells a story.  It tells about who we think we are and reflects not only our external circumstances, but the inner workings of our minds.

The chi is considered the flow of energy in a home or garden.

Consider doing this little exercise: you be the chi and do a walkthrough in your home.  You will probably find some very interesting things, as I did when I did this exercise.  Think of yourself as energy flowing and how easily, swiftly, too swiftly, abruptly, disjointedly, gracefully, whatever way … you flow through your home.  This will give you lots of information about how to improve the energy flow and the feel of your home as well.

Entryway-  Considered the most important aspect of the home, it is said to speak of the health and safety of those within.  Things to consider:

Can you find the entrance easily?

Is it too straight of a line leading in- you can add foliage to soften.

The doors should open inward.

There should be something to define and support the guests arriving, but not blocking the entry.

Remember- the chi needs to be able to enter (inhale) easily and then leave (exhale) through a different door.  The windows represent the eyes of the house and expel used chi. They should be clean and in good repair.

Center of the House-  This is where the most important/used room of the house should be located.  In past times, it has always been the kitchen or hearth.  Today it is often the room where the television is located or the Great Room- where you gather the most.  If another room is in the center, such as the bedroom or kitchen, it is said your life may become more focused on these areas.  If the bathroom or laundry room are in the center, money and resources may go down the sewer lines.  You can counteract this by using mirrors inside these rooms or hang a mirror so that it faces the “offending” room and reflects another room in the house. Things to consider:

If your television is in this room, don’t place it so that you watch it with your back to the door.

Avoid overpowering furniture that takes up too much space.

Arrange the furniture for coziness, conversation and comfort, making sure there is “breathing room” for the chi to flow.

Kitchen-this is where you prepare and often eat food and is symbolic of the internal fires that keep the spirit going.  In Feng Shui, cooking is synonymous with money.  This is also the room where chi is channeled into the body. Things to consider:

If the cook cannot see the entry into the kitchen, place mirrors so that one can see while cooking.

Hang mirrors, shiny pots, or reflective surfaces behind burners to double their number and double your cash flow.

Create a separation between the sink (water) and stove (fire)

If the kitchen faces the living room or bathroom, keep the doors closed or use screens or plants to separate.

Make sure all appliances work; if not, discard them.

Keep the refrigerator clean and free from old items.

Eliminate any drips, so that your resources don’t “drip away.”

Don’t let garbage pile up or all kinds of “psychic” garbage will accumulate.

Dining- This is an important room, if you use it for dining.  chi should not be allowed to stagnate here; it’s best to have two ways for the chi to enter and exit, preferably not opposite each other or it will feel like a hallway.  Things to consider:

A round or oval table is best; more harmonious than a square or rectangle.

Three is the minimum number of chairs to be placed around a table.

If you live alone, change places every night so that all chairs are used periodically.

Bedroom- Ideally, the master bedroom should be as far as possible from the entry and from the main street, for a more peaceful life.  If this is not possible you can arrange the furniture and plants so that they are between the bed and the main street.  (There’s always remedies with Feng Shui!)  Things to consider:

1) A new relationship , new job or new life deserves a new bed or at least new linens.

2) Avoid clutter or inappropriate furniture in the bedroom

3) Create a cushion for the chi by elevating the bed at least 5 inches, but not more than three feet.  Let the chi circulate above and below on three sides.

4) Place the bed against a solid wall, not a window or glass wall.

5) Place the bed in the farthest corner from the entry, with the best view of the entire room, preferable on a north/south or east/west axis.

6) To bring more love and compassion to your relationship, hang a round mirror in the bedroom.

Bathroom- The purpose of this room is to cleanse the body externally and internally so the chi should move through quickly and not be allowed to get stale.

A window is good for ventilation.

Avoid elaborate, ornate décor as this tends to hold the chi in, according to Feng Shui experts.

Make sure there are no leaks or drips in the faucets as it is thought to cause resources to suffer.

Discard old medicines, cosmetics, etc.  Keep supplies neat and orderly.

As you finish your own home walkthrough, do you have any ideas for some simple changes you might consider making?  I’m definitely going to move our bed so that it is against a solid wall. Then, I’m going to think about tackling the bathroom cabinets.  That will come later because by this time I have exited, like the chi, and am back in my garden again enjoying the summer days!