by Jan Cox

Jacquie Cordova has served as a mentor to the arts in the Almanor Basin for a long time.  She is not only constantly creating with many types of media, she spends a great deal of her time teaching art to young and old alike.

Moving to Westwood from Berkeley 32 years ago, and knowing she loved anything having to do with a paintbrush, she decided to make her living first by being a house painter.  She then taught herself to be a sign painter and next went on to be a part time teacher for Lassen College.  Cordova recalls painting several murals in Lassen County in both Susanville and Westwood.  The beautiful mural of Walker Lake gracing the side of Young’s Market in Westwood was painted together with Gayle Saltzaver, another resident of Westwood.

Always learning herself, she began teaching at Westwood High School after the retirement of artist/teacher Pat Kurtz.  She later expanded to the elementary school and set up a program for all children in the district knowing the importance of the arts in student lives. She was a part of the California Arts Project for many years and although she retired from high school teaching in 2009, Jacquie continues to volunteer in classrooms until money is once again available for a district art teacher. She also continues to teach daytime and evening classes throughout the year.

In the upstairs at the Cordova home, you will find an intimate gallery next to her studio that shows off her work. From here she sells her beautiful raku pots, framed and unframed pictures both oils and watercolors, cards of her work and more.  Her newest project is a Peace Bowl series of Raku pots.  Jacquie remarks that to her, peace is so important and that we don’t often actively create peace in our lives so this is her way to take action and to promote peace.

When asked about her experience of doing art, Jacquie says, “When I’m creating, I feel the most connected to others and myself, God, and the earth.  It is such a healing thing that I don’t talk about very much.”  Cordova’s other love is to travel from which she gets much of her inspiration for her work.

You may call to make an appointment to see her gallery at (530) 256-2217 or enjoy her work at Blue Goose Gallery or B & B Booksellers in Chester, CA.  She also exhibits her art at the Monticola Club in November or Art in the Garden both in Susanville, and at Art Around the Lake and, the Lake Almanor Art Show, on Collins Pine Lawn, in August in Chester. Or look for her at on line.

Jacquie Cordova beside two of her pictures Jacquie Cordova beside her watercolors