By Melissa Wynn

Greetings, Mountain Valley neighbors! This month I have the pleasure of sharing with you my unrivaled favorite pizza and sandwich place on the planet. Buffalo Chips Pizza is just a few blocks walk for me down to 322 Birch St. in Westwood, Ca.  I am lucky  to enjoy the hand thrown, fresh homemade dough topped with one of their scrumptious sauces and my choice of 24 toppings whenever I like. No matter what combination I order, the garden fresh veggies and lean meats are piled high and topped with Buffalo Chips own blend of cheeses. Thirty minutes or so later, charming and adorable owner Ryan Gibbs or one of the girls slide it out of the old fashioned brick oven in all its bubbly and crispy perfection. It’s a stretchy, spicy mouthwatering dining adventure every time. Everyone in town has a favorite or three. My three faves come from the Buffalo Chips Gourmet Pizza menu (sm. $15.40 med. $19.75 lg. $21.95). When I want something rich I always choose the #1, Stuffed Mushrooms. It’s hard to resist the warm chewy crust spread with creamy garlic sauce, topped with tons of mushrooms, decorated with  chopped green onions  then sprinkled with crumbles of decadent blue cheese. Yummy! Sometimes with a house full of teens, spicy is the name of the game and the #7, Jalapeno Popper Pizza with its blend of 6 cheeses and a generous portion of tongue torching jalapenos atop that wonderful garlic cream sauce, fills the pizza box destined for my house.

Half Supreme / Half Tropical

On those nights when nobody feels like cooking we often order a 50/50 with the girl’s half being the #8, BBQ Chicken Pizza with traditional red sauce, tons of stretchy cheese, bell peppers, tomatoes, pineapple and loads of BBQ chicken. The boys have the Lumberjack: red sauce, Canadian bacon, salami, pepperoni, sausage, ground chuck and linguicia dripping with cheese. Now that’s dinner. Not only does Buffalo Chips Pizza serve earth’s best pizza, they have a soup and salad bar ($6.75 once through) always packed full of cool fresh salad fixins’ and a homemade soup of the day. I love their Creamy Chicken Vegetable Soup, while Friday’s Clam Chowder is top notch. A steaming bowl with two huge, thick slices of Buffalo Chips delicious, hot, fresh baked homemade bread is only  $4.85 seven days a week. Several of the outstanding sandwich choices at Buffalo Chips also come on that amazing homemade bread including my favorite, the Turkey Temptation ($6.85), made with fresh roasted turkey breast right from the bird, mayo, lettuce, tomato, avocado and your choice of Swiss, Jack, American or pepperjack cheese and Grandma’s 1877 thick sliced ham in place of the Temptation’s turkey; no cold cuts here. The local favorite hot sandwich at Buffalo Chips Pizza is no doubt the Beefy Cheese Supreme ($6.85) with its huge pile of prime roast beef drizzled with the perfect amount of Buffalo Chips own tangy BBQ sauce topped with Jack and mozzarella cheeses, onions and jalapenos oven toasted to perfection atop a soft French roll and finished off with fresh cool tomato slices. Be careful, this sandwich can easily become an addiction. All sandwiches are served with tortilla chips and warm nacho cheese sauce. Adding a small soup or one trip through the salad bar is only $3.30 more, same with pizza orders. Awesome food at great prices, what more can you ask for? Perhaps the only things that does make it better is the homey atmosphere and friendly company that defines Buffalo Chips Pizza. Soft lighting and a log cabin feel find us all making ourselves right at home in the company of the many buffalo that accentuate the country decor. Just the other day I found myself among the herd having a great visit with

Phil Bryant, Jane Medici, Ross Macy

Phil Bryant, Jane Medici and Ross Macy in for lunch from Westwood High School where Bryant and Medici both work and Macy is a student. I was waiting for an order of Buffalo Wings ($7.50), Garlic Cheese Bread ($3.25) and some Jalapeno Poppers (sm.$3.75 lg. $6.75) for my own get together when I noticed that Ross Macy was having something I had never even thought to try, a pizza sandwich with garlic cream sauce, roasted turkey breast and artichoke hearts along with his heaping garden fresh salad.  Yummy idea, Ross.

Speaking of good ideas, the Gibbs family sure had one when they filled the huge front porch with tables so we could gather under the sun for pizza and beer all summer long. This community porch even has a tiny log cabin playhouse for the little ones and planters full of cheerful blooms, just like home. We have gathered here with friends and family for 30 years or more, since before the porch, when Ryan’s mother Marilyn first opened in the original location just a few doors down. My own children have never known a Westwood without Buffalo Chips Pizza. The best things in life withstand the test of time, including many of Marilyn’s original recipes that I strongly encourage all of you to come and taste test for yourselves. Two generations of Westwood natives and a constantly growing number of loyal  patrons from nearby communities can’t all be wrong. Westwood is a great spot to stop off for lunch when traveling along scenic Hwy 36 between Susanville and Red Bluff. Just turn onto Birch St. at the Westwood Business District sign and follow the herd to the Buffalo Chips Pizza & Pub sign above the porch.  Buffalo Chips Pizza is also an excellent choice for lunch or dinner when camping, fishing or swimming at stunning Lake Almanor just 8 miles away. Ryan and his dedicated crew are here to serve with a smile 7 days a week. Drop in next time you find yourself in our neck of the woods or call ahead for your Buffalo Chips Pizza favorites at 530-256-2412.

photos by Melissa Wynn