Dear Sara:

My mom died and she left a lot of ceramic items that she and my grandmother made over the years.  Grandma’s ceramics are really old so I think I need your help.  I want to sell some of them but some I cannot part with.  Are these valuable?   Lisa M.  Greenville

Women have been making and painting ceramics for a very long time and it is nice that you have some of Grandma’s work since they are “low fire” and not as sturdy as hand-thrown earthenwares.  Condition is a huge value element in all ceramic items and, if Grandma’s work is in good condition, that’s a good thing.  Although you value these items for your family connection, these types of “poured” or “slipware” ceramics are somewhat mass produced and not very valuable to the big world.  A standard rule of thumb for most decorative items is that the more carefully done, the more fine detail, the more valuable.  The tall vase with the hand-painted Pueblo motif is more desirable than the turtle.  The pieces you photographed would sell in a thrift store in the $3 to $7 range.   A garage sale is where these things sell commonly.  Enjoy Mom and Granny’s work