Christmas Tea Basket

*Tea for Two!*














To Create The Basket Above You Will Need:

Large to medium sized Christmas basket or container

Smaller basket or container- should fit easily into larger container

Wreath (matching the size of your container width)

6- 10 sheets of tissue paper (green or white)

3 small red tree ornament balls (plastic-so they won’t break)

Christmas dish towel (rolled up)

Loose leaf tea

2 Tea diffusers

2 mugs or tea cups

Christmas themed small goodie bag

Cookies or chocolate


Take larger basket and stuff tissue paper at the bottom until 2/3 full. Place wreath loosely around top rim of large basket, and push wreath down into basket where you plan the front to be. This will make the wreath in the back hold contents in upright position. Take smaller basket and place towards back of basket. Fill small basket with tissue paper until 2/3 full. Place loose leaf tea container, rolled up dish towel, and tea diffusers into smaller container. They should sit tall to create dimension. Next, Place mugs side by side in front of small basket. Bag cookies or chocolate in small goodie bag, tie, and place in front of cups. Lastly, place tree ornament balls around basket securely, glue if needed. Add detail with a Santa or snowman ornament. In the basket above, a Santa decorative plant stake was used, to insert easily into a tight place. Remember, you don’t have to use these exact items, personalize it with desserts or items you know the receiver will love.