Stamped With Love Cards

*When in need of a family holiday card, thank you note, or just to say hello, these cards are kid friendly and fun*

You Will Need:

Card Stock Paper- cut into 4X6 squares

Acrylic paint- color of your choice. The more the better.

Paper towels

Optional Food Ideas:

Pears (unripe and cut in half)

Peas (rolled around makes a marbled effect)

Broccoli (tops of the “tree’s” make a fun design)

Potatoes (can cut into any shape desired)

Oranges (halved)

Strawberries (halved)

Spaghetti (cooked and dragged around paper)

Prepare chosen food–halve or slice. Gently pat juicy foods, such as a pear or orange, with a paper towel to dry off surface. Lightly press food into paint of desired color, careful not to get paint on sides. Transfer food, paint side down, onto paper. Experiment with pressure, angles, number of stamps to create different effects. Let paint dry completely before handling. Depending on card’s purpose, you may write a personal message or salutation, or you may leave it blank and write on the opposite side.