Hand Etched Candles

*A fun craft and gift from the little artist in your family *


You Will Need:

Candles (height does not matter- make sure your colors aren’t too dark) Acrylic paint (colors are your choice) Small paint brush Dull pencil or a pen Instructions: Decide what design you would like to create on your candle. Using your pencil or pen, lightly create a rough draft. If you draw lightly at first and mess up, you’ll be able to cover it easily. Do not paint the top of the candle where the wick is. When happy with the results, go back and trace the design firmly so that it is etched into the candle. Do not press too hard or you may chip or break the candle. Brush off any excess wax. Then paint the lines of your design. Make sure the color of paint will show up against the color of the candle. Let the candles dry completely.