Indian Falls, Plumas countyINDIAN FALLS
Plumas County

This amazing jewel of nature sits just off the road on Highway 89, on Indian Creek. At 3200 foot elevation, the turnout for the falls is on Highway 89, 2.9 miles from the junction of highways 89 and 70. It is a short walk with some steepness of hiking needed to get down to the water. Indian Creek is a beautiful waterway adorned with weathered boulders and sandy beaches. The graceful flow of two falls made for some real tranquility too. Indian falls is about 15 feet high.
For generations, this tranquil spot was considered culturally and spiritually important to the Maidu Indians, as it still is today. Signs along the trail to the falls tell stories of the Maidu history and the plant life there. The Maidu would gather the acorns of the Black Oak (Hamsim Cham in Maidu) for food. The sign warns that after the crushing, the tannic acid must be leached out with water to make it edible.
The first welcoming sign invites you to “let the sound of the thundering water carry you along this 600-foot trail to what is called in ancient Mountain Maidu language Koyom Bukum Sewinom, meaning Valley End Falls.
If you have some time and are up to the short hike down, you will find giant rocks and beach areas, nice for picnicking or simply relaxing in the tranquility of this beautiful spot.