Fishing with Bob3

A nesting pair of barn owls live in the tree next door.

There’s no stop light on the way to work, but I pass Lake Almanor.

Sometimes the water’s choppy and low clouds hide the view.

Other days it’s smooth as glass, Each day is something new.

My town does not have fast food. I always have to cook.

I’ll trade the convenience for my ‘kitchen window look’

There is Dyer Mountain, cloud topped and draped with snow

Come spring it will be emerald green and a-hiking we will go.

A deer in the yard is normal, they are barely shy,

Hawks and Eagles, Canadian geese, always flying by.

In the evening the frogs and crickets play a serenade

We sit beneath the apple tree and listen in the shade.

I know most all my neighbors, some for 30 years or more.

If I miss the high school football game, someone knows the score.

They know who did the yelling and who did the forgiving

Pull up a chair and join us…It’s just Mountain Valley Living.